SPIDER NET - This solution is for the space built with the understanding that CHANGE is a constant. The Spider Zone Box is at the ready for you to modify with plug & play efficiency. You have control over everything from changing a conference room into a call center to switching unused circuits around to do more work – Zoned Spider Net answers the call of Churn.

Zone Power Distribution

Zone Power Distribution Family

Zone Distribution

The power distribution box is the center point of the zone distribution grid. Models are currently available in heights as low as 1-3/4". This is the conversion point between hard wiring done by the on site electrical contractor and the premanufactured wiring system. Optimal efficiency is typically obtained by placing the power distribution box on a 20'-25' grid. Of course this only a starting point, as the boxes can placed to accommodate any situation. Circuit capacity ranges from four to sixteen circuits using a shared neutral - eight wire system or from three to twelve circuits using an independent neutral - eight wire.

Quadra Net

QuadraNet is Spider’s intelligent daisy chaining system. Traditional daisy chaining connects a string of electrical components together. It works fine if additional components are required at the end of the chain, like plugging two strings of twinkle lights together. However, if a connection is required in the middle, the chain must be broken to insert the new component. This causes all downstream components to go dark. Whereas Spider’s unique QuadraNet system allows for additional components to be added at the front, in the middle or at the end of a chain without impacting the operational status of any other components. Saving time, money, and keeps you up and running.

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