The Splitter is the component used to distribute the power to more than one location without running cables back to the power distribution box. This allows the potential to power up more than one wall panel, junction box or floor box from a single feed to the power distribution box. The splitter is available in both shared neutral 4/2/2 and independent neutral 3/3/2 configurations.

General Specifications

  • Designed to distribute 4 circuits (4/2/2) or 3 circuits (3/3/2)
  • 4 port device with one male port receiving power and three male ports distributing power.
  • The Splitter receives circuits from the power distribution box by means of an extender cable. The circuits are then distributed to wall panels via other extenders or wall feeds.
  • Two dust caps are supplied for protecting unused ports
  • Mounting brackets available when requested

Integrates With

  • Spidernet Compatible
  • Quadranet Compatible


  • CSA
  • UL

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