Sloped 2 Gang Floor Box


  1. Accepts spider modular screw down face plates.
  2. Attractive and durable powder coating finish.
  3. Electrical and data outlets in one enclosure.
  4. Convenient low profile surface mounted design.
  5. Contemporary sloped face for ease of access.


  • Accepts all standard data and electrical outlets.
  • 16 gauge, galvanized, cold rolled steel construction.
  • Screw down high strength PVC Face Plates.
  • Scratch and scuff resistant textured pebble finish.
  • Moveable barrier isolates data and electrical circuits.
  • Face Plates available in White, Grey, Ivory and Black.

Cable Access Knockout Table

Qty Size Location Remarks


1/2 - 3/4



Integrates With

  • Spidernet Compatible
  • Quadranet Compatible


  • Faceplates and movable barriers are not included in this unit and must be specified at the time of order. See Faceplates


  • CSA

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