Extender Cable



The Extender Cable is the link between the power distribution box, the Splitter and moveable wall feeds, floor boxes, and/or single and dual cells. As with all other products, the extenders are available in both 4/2/2 shared neutral and 3/3/2 independent neutral configurations. The gender on the extenders is typically female to female however, male to male and male to female versions are available.


  • Extra flex armored cable
  • Two quick connect female ends
  • 2 oversized shared neutrals (10 gauge) when using 4/2/2 shared neutral system and 3 - 12 gauge neutrals when using 3/3/2 independent neutral system.
  • The two systems 4/2/2 and 3/3/2 are keyed differently such that they cannot be plugged together.
  • All cables are rated for 120 volt 20 amp service
  • Extender cables are available in 5', 10', 15', and 20' lengths as standard, custom and longer lengths upon request.

Integrates With

  • Spidernet Compatible
  • Quadranet Compatible


  • CSA
  • UL

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