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The past few years at Spider Manufacturing have been extremely exciting! We have had great success both in Canada and the United States with all of our products; from the Recessed Wall family of products to our Modular Power Distribution System, the acceptance of Spider Manufacturing products has been nothing short of phenomenal to say the least.

If you look at our Modular Power Distribution SpiderBox, the answer becomes quite evident when the Modular Power Distribution Box is mounted in the ceiling the cables hang down giving the box the appearance of a spider.

As President of Spider Manufacturing, I take great pride in what we, as a team, have been able to accomplish in the marketplace, but we do not stop here. It is my personal commitment to our clients to continue to develop state of the art products for the marketplace. It has always been our philosophy to create new products based on the real needs of the people we do business with; feedback from architects, engineers, interior designers and end users have been instrumental in our product development and growth.

As our regular core of business has continued its' torrid growth rate, we have introduced our new line of products designed for the furniture industry. After many years of hearing from architects and engineers that we needed to design products for conference tables and desks, Spider has launched some of our most innovative products yet. The Phantom, Mirage, Marquis, Concord and Executive Seriess of products offer a tremendous amount of flexibility for conference tables, desks and systems furniture.

Spider Manufacturing Inc. has introduced innovative products to the market for almost 10 years now, products designed to offer maximum flexibility while utilizing combinations of data, voice, fiber optics, fax, audio or power outlets into one convenient, attractive and cost effective enclosure.

Spider products have been developed through many years of research and development, leading to a finished product today that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also extremely functional. Installation of any of the Spider products is quick, easy and economical. Today's office contains a proliferation of networked data communications and power sources, the Spider Smart Connect system allows for this type of density to be terminated within a single box. The Spider Smart Connect system accommodates up to six Faceplates in a single box allowing combinations of voice, power and data communications. Spider Manufacturing succeeds in providing solutions for combining all communications and power distribution systems in one efficient, cost effective and attractive package.

Today's marketplace is a fast - paced arena, where competitors constantly angle for the position of industry leader. New technology and management philosophies are the tools with which they compete. Change has become inevitable - the effect on business goals is too dramatic to ignore, and what we see today is just the beginning.

As a manufacturer and supplier of finished goods, Spider Manufacturing has a responsibility to help our clients take advantage of change, before change takes advantage of them. Clearly, change has become part of our everyday lives, the ability to accept and implement change has begun to take control of how we administer our businesses on a daily basis.

Change has fueled the incredible growth of Spider Manufacturing, as the work environment constantly changes to meet the demands of today's technology so must the products that are used within the office. The "now generation" is quickly being introduced and integrated into the "next generation" and beyond, what seemed unrealistic just yesterday has fast become the norm for today. Spider Manufacturing takes great pride in designing and manufacturing elegant solutions for today...and tomorrow.

Spider Manufacturing has rapidly become known as an industry leader in providing solutions for combining all communications and power distribution systems in one attractive, efficient and cost-effective enclosure. Over the past 5 years, Spider Manufacturing has witnessed phenomenal growth and continues to grow at an accelerated pace as the patented Spider Smart Connect System becomes the product of choice for installations with electrical and data communication requirements. Some people are saying that we have reinvented the electrical box, we prefer to say that we have just made it better!

Spider Manufacturing thanks you for your interest and support of our products. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us by email, telephone or fax and we will be glad to assist you any way we can. Once again, enjoy your visit to Spidermfg.com.


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