The words rigid, fixed and single use have little place in the 21st century business environment. They are being replaced by words like Green, reusable, flexible and user involvement. These are not only better for the environment but make business sense too.

Spider offers solutions that provide access to the power people need to increase their productivity as well as reduce the initial construction waste and the waste of downstream changes. Being able to balance the need for a more cost effective space that occupies less real estate while still maintaining a healthy, productive and inviting work environment is the challenge facing most corporations today. Spider is a DIRTT Environmental Solutions company. DIRTT creates sustainable, agile and unique interiors.

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OCT 5,2009 : CHBC TV came to Spider to discover the secret behind this internationally successful local company. View Video >>

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Spider BuildingSpider Manufacturing was founded in 1991. We quickly became the pioneer in modular, plug & play power solutions. Which brings us to why we are called ‘Spider’ – when you first install our Modular Power Distribution box in a ceiling application, its flexible whips hang down looking pretty much like an arachnid. And as one of the most amazing animals in the world (look at the number of scientists trying to replicate the relative strength of spiders’ webs), we think we offer something pretty great to the world too.

There are over six billion feet of homerun wiring and cabling in the ceiling plenums of North America. Many of them simply cut and abandoned. While the building code recently banned this practice – where is the wire ending up? Mostly the landfill – even in times when recycling copper is worthwhile.

There are other issues too. The jacketing of the wires contains levels of lead thousands of times higher than is safe, particularly when it is cut. It is also a danger to firefighters trying to stop a blaze in an office building. So we asked, “Why put that much wire in the space in the first place? Why cut perfectly good wires? Why not make them easily moved and changed rather than cutting and starting all over again?”

After starting from that position, we continually improve and innovate solutions to turn power and data infrastructures into sustainable business strategies for our clients. Over the years our clients, architects, engineers and interior designers have been instrumental in the growth and development of Spider products.

In 2008 Spider joined DIRTT Environmental Solutions as a subsidiary company and part of the bigger Modular Interior Construction picture. That’s when we changed our name to Spider Agile Technology – as the future for us is as open as the new technologies discovered every day.



Spider PeopleWe are Spider Legs! Our beautiful building is in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. Our home is as environmentally sustainable as the products we manufacture. We have solar arrays, solar thermal panels, xeriscaped gardens and a gym. We love hosting visitors and recommend coming in the summer, fall, winter or spring for everything from skiing to wine tours to boat tours.


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We shape our buildings: Thereafter, they shape us.
- Sir Winston Churchhill
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