Spider Agile Technology

Spider creates pre-manufactured modular and conventional power solutions. They are scalable to your needs and flexible for changing business strategies. Spider’s plug & play modular solutions bring you an important environmentally sustainable solution for your real estate’s wiring while being suitable for any office power requirement.

Electrical 101

This short video gives you an overview of power and how Spider fits in as a solution.


Features and Benefits of The Panel Manager

The Panel Manager offers several ways to save on labor and material costs while giving you fully manufactured power solutions your own team can reconfigure as simply as using an extension cord.


Watch the Plug & Play Video

This video tells the plug & play story from the point of view of a facilities consultant, an electrician and an end user. They each speak to sustainability, speed, decrease in labor costs and strategic business benefits.


Spider News (CHBC)

CHBC TV came to Spider to discover the secret behind this internationally successful local company.


Plug & Play Modular Power Distribution “SpiderNet”

Sustainable, adaptable and cost effective power distribution solutions by the pioneer of modular power: Spider Agile Technology is suitable for floor, ceiling, wall and furniture applications.


The Intelligent Daisy-chain Solution “QuadraNet”

Spider’s patented QuadraNet technology allows you to make changes anywhere along the distribution chain without breaking the connections or experiencing voltage drop.


Quote / Certifications

Spider Agile Technology offers sustainable, adaptable power distribution systems

Spider Agile Technologies Feature

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